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Studying at the OTH Regensburg

Applied and practice-oriented Master's, Bachelor's, or part-time studies

Why OTH Regensburg?

Cosmopolitan Campus

We take pride in being both international and cosmopolitan. Regional roots and international aspects are not opposites for us, but complementary aspects.

Student City with Old Town Flair

Why OTH Regensburg? Regional and yet urban. Top professors and a fun place to study.

Top in University Rankings

Our faculties once again achieved top positions in Germany's largest university ranking in 2023

Mission Statement

The mission statement reflects the university's self-image and serves as a guideline for all university staff and their work.


The “ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg” (both Regensburg) Is a University of Applied Sciences in The Free State of Bavaria with A Long Tradition. It Has an Extensive Academic Portfolio in The Fields of Engineering, Natural Sciences, Business Studies, Social Sciences, Health Sciences and Design.

In Eastern Bavaria, the Oth Regensburg Plays a Prominent Role in Academic, Practice-Oriented Education, Applied Research and Continuing Education Programmes. The university Ensures that The Next Generation of Scientists and Scholars Remains in The Region and Beyond. It Is an Indispensable Partner in Research and Technology Transfer.

Thanks to Its Size and Its Attractiveness to Applicants, the Oth Regensburg Can Offer a Wide Range of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Study Programmes. The high number of Interdisciplinary Study Programmes and The Variety of Subject-Specific and Personality-Building Content Are Special Features Here. For some Areas of Teaching and Research, the Oth Regensburg Has an Exclusive Position in Eastern Bavaria and Some Cases Far Beyond.

The Oth Regensburg Is Committed to The Freedom of Study, Teaching and Research as well as To the Development of Democratic Decision-Making Processes.

This Mission Statement Reflects the University's Self-Image and Serves as A Guideline for All University Staff and Their Work.


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