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Pace University BS Business Economics
Pace University

BS Business Economics

New York, USA

4 Years


Full time

15 Dec 2024

Sep 2025

USD 51,382 / per year *


* additional fees may apply


Get a degree that responds to today’s ever-changing marketplace. By combining economic theory with practical business knowledge, Pace’s BS in Business Economics will prepare you for the ever-changing nature of the global economy. Learn the skills you need to succeed in the career of your choice with the help of accomplished faculty and internships/research assistantships in one of the world’s most prominent economics hubs.

Learn From the Best

  • This program entails required business courses such as accounting, finance, marketing, and business law; consult the curriculum for details.
  • Faculty are accomplished scholars and you have the potential to collaborate with them on research projects and present findings at national and regional conferences.
  • For students who want to take their education to the next level, there is the option of joining the combined degree program. This is a joint degree, where you finish your undergraduate and master's degree in economics simultaneously.

Business economics is a growing field. According to Fortune Magazine, economics majors have a higher median salary than all other majors outside of engineering. Wages are expected to remain high, as employers have come to recognize the value of employees with analytical backgrounds and strong critical thinking skills. There are also expected to be ample job opportunities in the future, with employment predicted to grow 6 percent annually from 2021 to 2031.

Combined Degree Track

The Combined Degree allows you to replace up to 12 undergraduate elective credits with graduate-level courses. This means you can finish almost half of the master's degree requirements by the time you complete your undergraduate coursework, leaving only 18 additional credits to complete a combined BA/MS or BS/MS degree.

International Studies Track

The International Studies Track offers you a rare, first-hand opportunity to learn about the current political, social, and economic dynamics that are impacting international economies. As part of the track, students have an opportunity to take a short-term faculty-led study abroad course in Brazil, Europe, or China. This experience will give you a unique and in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities that exist abroad, especially those about the business environment, financial markets and institutions, and economic development.

Public Policy Track

The objective of the Economic Policy Analysis and Public Economics track is to give you a solid background in policy development and prepare you for a career in government, politics, and public affairs at the public, private, and non-profit levels. You will learn to effectively create, analyze, evaluate, and quantify economic public policy, focusing on such policy areas as urban issues, healthcare, government, law, and the environment. Economic public policy analysis also prepares you to go on to graduate school for an MS in Applied Quantitative Economic Analysis and Policy, which is offered at Pace University.

Add Opportunities and Experiences

Federal Reserve Challenge: This team offers a unique chance for Economics and Business Economics majors to compete with other schools and test their knowledge of the US economy, monetary policy, and the role of the Federal Reserve System. Pace University’s team has developed a championship pedigree, winning the national competition five times in eight years.

Fiscal Challenge: This team allows students to compete with other schools and test their knowledge of fiscal policy, the US economy, and the role of the federal government in smoothing business cycles.

Economics Clubs: Join the Economics Society or Women in Economics to learn more about the discipline, get help with your coursework, connect with alumni, plan for your future, and meet new friends.

Brown Bag Seminar Series: Every month, two to three students, alumni, or invited speakers present their work-in-progress research. This allows students to see what other people are working on, workshop their research, and network with alumni and industry professionals.


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