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Quy Nhon University


Welcome to Quy Nhon University - one of the leading higher education institutions in Central Vietnam. Quy Nhon University is located in the center of Quy Nhon coastal city, Binh Dinh province, the southernmost point of Central Vietnam’s key economic region, and the central point of the South Central region - Central Highlands, located at the intersection of National Highway 1 and National Road 19, considered as the gateway to the sea of the East-West Economic Corridor. With such a geographical - political position, Quy Nhon City has many advantages, and this is a golden opportunity for Quy Nhon-based educational and training, scientific research, and technology transfer institutions. Of these institutions, Quy Nhon University has a particularly important role.

We are promoting a multidisciplinary higher education institution's strengths with pedagogy being the central core and basic science, especially mathematics and information technology, serving as a foundation for the University's training. This difference is an important condition to ensure Quy Nhon University students many opportunities to find jobs and boost their careers significantly in the future.


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    An Dương Vương,170, , Qui Nhơn