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Radboud University BSc in Economics and Business Economics
Radboud University

BSc in Economics and Business Economics

Nijmegen, Netherlands

3 Years


Full time

01 Jul 2024*

Sep 2024

EUR 12,480 / per year **


* final deadline for EU students | deadline for EU students who want to get assistance with housing: 1 May 2024 | deadline for non-EU students: 1 Apr 2024

** legal tuition fee € 2530 I institutional tuition fee EEA € 9292


Imagine understanding the complex economic dimensions of today's challenges. From environmental sustainability to inflation and beyond. The Bachelor's program in Economics and Business Economics equips you with the skills to analyze, predict and improve economic situations and choices.

Something for you?

  • You will learn to link theoretical insights and concepts to current developments and debates, both societal and organizational.

  • You learn about theories and evidence from different disciplines to gain a deeper understanding of economic choices.

  • After the first year, you chose a specialization according to your own interests (financial economics, international economics, and business, business economics, or international economics and policy)

  • You will develop critical, analytical, and professional skills.

Study duration - 3 years (180 EC)

Average contact hours first year - 15-18


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