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Rockingham Community College

Rockingham Community College

Rockingham Community College


Whether you plan to go directly into the workforce, transfer to a four-year school, or simply want to enhance your skills so that you may advance in the workforce, the faculty and staff are prepared to help you as you begin your studies. Be sure to visit the James Library and The Academic Resource Center.

Both facilities are available to you and will enhance your educational experience. If you have questions about programs of study, financial aid, student life, selecting a career, or educational goals, there is someone at RCC who can assist you. I hope you enjoy the time that you spend on campus.

Take time to hike the Nature Trails, walk or run on the track, play tennis, enjoy some quiet time on our campus, participate in a student organization, or attend an athletic event. There are many opportunities on campus to relax and have fun when you need a break from the classroom or lab. I wish you well as you pursue your career. We will challenge you to reach your potential, and we expect you to hold us to high standards in all that we do to provide instruction and support for you while you are here.


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