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Sustainability Management School BBA in Sustainable Fashion Management
Sustainability Management School

BBA in Sustainable Fashion Management

3 Years


Full time

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Sep 2024

EUR 18,800 / per year *


* Gland campus | EUR 17,400: Milan campus. Additional fees apply


Understand the key sustainability challenges and opportunities within the fashion industry!

“There’s no bigger luxury than our future” Donatella Versace

Your BBA at a glance

The foundation of your on-campus Bachelor program is established with thirty-two general education and business courses studied during your three years at SUMAS. A further nine specialized courses make up your chosen major in Sustainable Fashion Management, including Designing Sustainable Fashion, Sustainable Fashion Lab, Developing Sustainable Business Models, and Green Economy.

Projects with purpose

You will apply the project management methodology and tools to real-case projects focused on improving sustainable practice for businesses.Each year of your studies you will have the opportunity to participate in an experiential camp as part of your degree. This camp is designed for you to experience sustainable practice in a new culture and learn from industry innovators and leaders in each destination.

Design a winning business culture

The traditional bachelor thesis is replaced by our CAPSTONE, an innovative learning simulation to test your assumptions and get you ready to step confidently into the management career that you can pursue beyond SUMAS.

Amplify your employability

With the knowledge of sustainability, your opportunities are endless. Choosing SUMAS will give you the upper hand in the industry, as more organizations turn toward hiring candidates who have acquired the understanding of sustainability to align with their direction.

Our Careers Hub will connect you to essential resources, people and opportunities to confidently build a successful career in business and sustainability.

As a bachelor student, you may take an additional optional year at the end of your studies to pursue an internship and receive supplementary career guidance.



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