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Those who achieve the most in life are always learning. They are students of life, students of their mentors, students of their peers, and students of their experiences. Their 'cups are empty', always ready to learn. They seek to improve themselves at every turn. Following the concept of RYTHM, they strive to raise themselves in every way, for the benefit of themselves and those around them.

At the Swiss eLearning Institute, courses are designed for these types of people; both those who aspire to achieve and those who are already achieving. The thirst for learning and personal development lives in everyone but is especially evident in networkers. Investing in your future goes beyond financial gain. Investing in your future is investing in yourself; enhancing your personal knowledge and continuing education

The framework of the Swiss eLearning Institute is based on the concept of 'continuing education; a post-secondary education programme that is set up to provide further enrichment, whether professionally or personally.

Anybody can benefit from continuing education, but the informal and flexible nature of continuing education courses provides a particular advantage to those whose professions are constantly evolving, especially networkers. When we first develop ourselves, other aspects surrounding our lives improve also. A healthy mind leads to a healthy body, which leads to a healthy, wealthy life.


  • Zürich

    Zürich, Switzerland