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TED University Bachelor In Business Administration
TED University

Bachelor In Business Administration

Ankara, Turkey

8 Semesters


Full time

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Sep 2024

USD 7,000 / per year *


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About Us

The Business Administration Department of TED University is dedicated to providing a competitive business education at international standards and demonstrating excellence in research. The Business Administration program aims to train students as future managers and leaders of high intellectual and professional merit. The students have access to worldwide information along with cutting-edge technological and educational resources. Successful graduates form a quality workforce endowed with a global perspective as well as strong theoretical and practical skills in the field of business.

TED University's Business Administration Department provides students with skills necessary to evaluate and respond to economic, political, ethical, legal, and regulatory aspects of an increasingly changing global business climate, together with a sound business education built on strong theoretical foundations.

Students of the department develop a deep understanding of the complexity and multiplicity of management processes in competitive environments through their education based on a strong social sciences foundation and practical applications of management discipline.

Our graduates are expected to demonstrate competency in business knowledge, communication skills, innovative and critical thinking, personal and social responsibility, and differentiate themselves in competitive business environments.

5 Reasons to Choose TED University

1. Liberal Arts Education

LA education prepares students for a modern and complex world that necessitates writing and speaking effectively, thinking critically and creatively, acquiring problem-solving skills, and being flexible and adaptable.

2. Career Opportunities

TEDU has one of the strongest alumni and industry network not only in Turkey but also in all over the world which make a successful career planning possible for our students and provide opportunities for them.

3. City University

TEDU campus is in the city center and equidistant from everywhere, which provides easy access to our students with its location at the intersection of the transportation network.

4. Scholarship Opportunites

There are possibilities of 25%-75% tuition fee waiver or 100% tuition fee exemption for International students

5. English Medium Education

Our goal is to empower our graduates with knowledge in their fields of study and academic English language skills at an advanced level that will serve them in their continuing academic and professional careers.

Businessman opening a paper
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Teaching and Learning

In accordance with the educational policy of TED University, the Business Administration Department applies creative and interactive learning methods in business education.

As opposed to a passive learning environment where students only listen and teachers lecture, interactive methods that facilitate the active participation of students are adopted. For this reason, class sizes are much smaller than those that might be found at many other universities. This extra contact time allows faculty members to provide innovative instruction and thus makes the learning process easier and more rewarding for our students. Case studies, class presentations, guest speakers, field trips, company reports, simulations, and business competitions are all used to enrich the students' learning experience.

Our program emphasizes business writing, presentation, critical thinking, and social skills, which are the most required qualifications of the global business environment of the 21st century.

While building their core business knowledge, students majoring in the Business Administration Department have the opportunity of minoring in their field of choice within their four-year undergraduate education without increasing their course load. Hence, students can graduate endowed with knowledge of another field besides their major.

Our business faculty members, all of whom are accomplished academics, are available to our students as mentors at all times. In short, from the entrance to graduation, students are closely guided and supervised by the faculty both in their studies and in informing their career paths.

Career Opportunities

A Business Administration degree is in high demand both in new graduates and those who are already employed. Numerous employment opportunities exist in the public and private sectors, which makes a business degree an inspiring and highly rewarding choice. The graduates may choose academic or corporate career paths depending on their interests.

During their time at TED University, our students are able to conduct research alongside the faculty members, who are internationally trained experts in their fields. This experience and their four-year-long, analytical thinking-oriented training endow our students with highly effective academic skills. Hence, students may choose to pursue postgraduate or doctoral degrees in local or foreign institutions.

In addition, our students are well-prepared for corporate life due to their practical business background and internships. Thus, upon graduation, students are able to find jobs at domestic as well as multinational corporations, manufacturing or services firms, banks, consulting and auditing agencies, financial institutions, and in the public sector as managers, experts, and researchers


Internships help students observe the real-life applications of the theories and concepts covered throughout their undergraduate education. Students gain experience in different business fields such as operations management, marketing, accounting, finance, and human resources, and can prepare themselves for the job market.

One internship is mandatory for Business Administration majors. Students who complete their second-year course work are eligible to apply for the mandatory internship. Students can complete their internships either during the semester holidays or the summer holidays. Students can choose private or public institutions for their internships that satisfy internship criteria available on Internship Regulations for Undergraduate Students. Career Center provides help to students to find an internship

Program Outcomes

TED University Business Administration Program graduates are expected to achieve the following learning outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of major concepts, theories, and applications in the area of business administration.
  2. Manage the business decision-making process by using quantitative and qualitative tools and information technology.
  3. Evaluate how economic, legal, political, social, technical, and competitive forces (local, regional, global) impact business practice.
  4. Use the English language proficiently in knowledge sharing and professional communication.
  5. Develop quality documents and make presentations that exhibit competence in content, organization, and clarity.
  6. Articulate ways to turn situations and problems into business or personal opportunities.
  7. Formulate solutions to complex problems individually and in interdisciplinary teams, using creative thinking, team building, and leadership skills.
  8. Identify ethical issues in business administration and implement social, scientific, and professional codes of ethical conduct.
  9. Recognize and appreciate different cultures and respect individual and cultural differences.
  10. Engage in lifelong learning and enrich personal, social, professional development by exploring interests in diverse disciplines
  11. Practice good working habits, time management, and self-discipline.


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