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Toyo University Bachelor in Global Innovation Studies
Toyo University

Bachelor in Global Innovation Studies

Bunkyo City, Japan

4 Years


Full time

27 Sep 2024*

Apr 2025

JPY 1,260,000 / per year **


* Application period is September 24-27 2025

** fees are subject to change


Become an "Innovative Problem Solver" in an increasingly diverse and complex global society

The Department of Global Innovation Studies Innovation fosters "Innovative Problem Solvers" who are able to accurately grasp the complex issues of global society and communicate with others to come up with innovative and creative solutions in a practical manner. We aim for students to acquire the following seven abilities: innovation creation, global dialogue, ability to absorb cutting-edge research, practical English skills, leadership, environmental responsiveness, and problem-solving.


Three features of the Department of Global Innovation Studies

Mandatory long-term study abroad

Students study abroad for six months to a year at overseas universities around the world, including the U.S., Europe, and Australia.

All classes are in English from the first year

All classes are taught in English, and in the first year, classes are arranged so that students can acquire the English skills necessary for long-term study abroad.

An international campus with many international students

The Department of Global Innovation is unique in that it has a high percentage of international students and a high percentage of exchange student enrolled in its courses.

This is what you can learn in the Department of Global Innovation Studies

The Department of Global Innovation offers an atmosphere in which students feel as if they are studying abroad in Japan while attending a university in Tokyo. The department has a student-led governing body that holds events such as new student orientation, Tanabata Festival, and Halloween. The environment is rich in international flavor and allows students to experience a variety of innovations.

Purpose of Education and Research

Objectives of Human Resource Development

The Department of Global Innovation Studies aims to develop students who can accurately recognize important issues in an increasingly diverse and complex global society, develop innovative and creative solutions to those issues, and sublimate them into practical and realistic solutions through appropriate communication with others. The objective of the program is to nurture human resources as Innovative Problem Solvers.

Educational objectives, including abilities to be acquired by students

The curriculum not only provides students with the necessary skills and abilities in the three academic areas of "Global Entrepreneurship," "Global Business," and "Global Collaboration," but also includes practical course study abroad and project-based courses. In addition, practical subjects such as study abroad and project subjects are also included in the curriculum,

  • Through small-group, problem-solving learning, students can become human resources who can bring about innovation (=change) in all areas of global society (innovative creativity).
  • Through collaborative group work with a balanced mix of international students and domestic students, students can become people who are confident in their ability to interact with people from all over the world (global dialogue skills).
  • Receive cutting-edge educational content in collaboration with cutting-edge universities and research institutions related to innovation and entrepreneurship around the world (ability to absorb advanced research)
  • Although all courses are conducted in English, students will be able to take courses without difficulty through thorough instruction in English according to their English level (practical English skills)
  • Students will be able to acquire various leadership skills through experience in cooperation with social organizations and companies (Leadership)
  • Acquire the ability to work abroad through long-term study abroad programs required of all Japanese students and overseas internships upon request (environmental responsiveness)
  • Acquire the leadership skills to bring innovation to various systems in global society, and the knowledge and abilities to solve problems and contribute to the autonomous development of local communities (problem-solving skills).

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