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Trier University of Applied Sciences Nonprofit and NGO-Management (B.A.)
Trier University of Applied Sciences

Nonprofit and NGO-Management (B.A.)

Birkenfeld, Germany

6 Semesters


Full time

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Apr 2024

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* no tuition fees, only small semester fees


Focus on the common good.

The aim of this interdisciplinary and sustainability-oriented degree program is to provide students with a first academic degree that qualifies them for a profession and enables them to contribute to solving issues that are oriented towards the common good - primarily in the NGO/non-profit sector, but also in companies or in the public sector, where they contribute to overcoming the challenges of our time in the areas of climate, environment and social affairs with sustainable concepts.

In addition to a solid foundation in business administration and law, the program teaches the necessary specialist and interdisciplinary knowledge, skills, and methods in the management of non-profit organizations (NPOs) and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that are part of this so-called third sector: The main areas of application for graduates are therefore environmental organizations, social organizations, foundations, registered associations, charitable organizations, and many other similar institutions. After graduation, they can also support companies that want to implement a "green transformation" towards a more sustainable economy.

The program can be studied ‘dually’ with extraordinary practice parts plus e.g. a defined study salary together with a cooperating NGO. Right now we have won 25 cooperating institutions/NGOs that support the program, further NGOs can become cooperating partners, therefore, too.


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