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Rector's Greeting

"The talent finds its way” – as the old saying goes. Although every wisdom and folk observation has its basic truth, in my opinion, in our rapidly changing world supplement is needed. Talent finds its way, however helping to keep it on the right way and stave off the smaller difficulties is our responsibility, the instructors’, teachers’ and the professionals’ task.

We are proud of our success and results in the field of the applied sciences both in national and international level; the scientific acknowledgment of our lecturers and researchers, especially in the technical and informatical area; the possibility of our cooperation with the competitive sector; our results in the dual and professional training.

Well, our aims are the same: find, teach and support the talented ones, give the world a responsible, graduated person, who is willing to study and copes with the tasks in the chosen profession. In our fast-paced world, people can rely on a few values and I hope the University of Dunaújváros is one of these values.

Dr. Habil András István


University of Dunaújváros

UOD today

The University of Dunaújváros is located in the centre of Hungary playing a leading role in the higher education of its region.

Our University has a student population of approximately two thousand students, including the continuously expanding international student community. The University offers bachelor, master and summer school programs in a large variety of disciplines that range from media and business to engineering studies.

The University of Dunaújváros aims to provide its students with a competitive, practice-oriented education and focused skills needed for building their careers when entering the job market. As a university of applied sciences UOD greatly values up-to-date skills and applied research. International and national links and partnerships with businesses and other higher education institutions form an essential and integral part of our teaching and research activities.

Following the requirements of the Bologna process, focusing on the expectations of the unified European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) the University of Dunaújváros offers accredited European level education. Our graduated students are enabled to find employment anywhere in the world after acquring a solid and competitive knowledge.

What can make our programs even more attractive to foreign students is the genuinely student-centred, friendly and multicultural learning environment of our University.


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