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University of Essex BSc Politics with Business
University of Essex

BSc Politics with Business

Colchester, United Kingdom

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BSc Politics with Business

The BSc Politics with Business will allow you to develop a strong quantitative analytic toolkit, and to bring this perspective to study a wide variety of political phenomena, including source of power, democratic representation and distributional justice, the political underpinnings of economic development in countries of the Global South, to international phenomena such as migration, trade, conflict. You will also acquire the skills to manage organizations and gain an understanding in how business works in an increasingly complex world.

Our BSc Politics with Business provides you with leading analytic and quantitative skills increasingly thought in a data-driven word. Drawing on these skills will allow you to make sense of motives and actions of a wide range of political actors, such as social movements, political parties, governments, and non-government organizations. At the same time, management training gives you the tools to translate insights into organisational practice.

Areas that you can expect to explore include, but are not limited to:

  • Statistical methods of social data analysis.
  • Concepts in political science: state, laws, wars and political parties
  • International relations
  • Democratic systems and political power
  • Human Resource Management
  • Organisations


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