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Vatel Paraguay Asuncion

Vatel Paraguay Asuncion

Vatel Paraguay Asuncion


A French School of International Hotel Training

Vatel arrives in Paraguay in 2011 being the only school nationwide providing a double degree and giving his students a degree recognized by the French State, the Bachelor. The worldwide success of Vatel schools is thanks to the fact that we maintain a concept of dual education where 50% is learned in classes and the remaining 50% in internships and internships in the best hotels in our country and the world. Always staying true to the philosophy that "all theoretical knowledge must be verified immediately through practice."


In Asunción, let's work with the dazzler assumption and splendor of the American hotel chain Wyndham hotels


Our teaching staff is made up of recognized professionals who not only impart theoretical knowledge, but also practical knowledge from so many years of professional experience that they have become benchmarks in the field.

In Vatel we work not only in academic and professional training, but also in the cognitive development of our students, instilling in them the importance of traditional ethical values of respect, discipline, positive and proactive attitude, knowing how to be and being and presentation personal.

Internationalization is a Foundational Point in the Formation of Vatel.

The Marco Polo program, Best Innovation in an Academic Program, allows Vatel Paraguay students to study their second year at another Vatel institute in the world.

They are also part of a network that does not stop growing, currently the Vatel network has 9,000 students and 35,000 graduates in contact thanks to the VatelAlumni portal.

With a very competitive and current academic plan, Vatel Paraguay offers a double Paraguayan / French degree that guarantees a quick professional insertion:

  • Higher Degree in International Hotel Administration - MEC Paraguay
  • Bachelor Degree in International Hotel Management - France


  • Asuncion

    Cruz del Defensor 1322 c/ Prof. Miguel Torres, , Asuncion