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VIAMODA University in Warsaw is:

  • the modern school of design and management with the international vibe
  • a unique project in Central Europe, which combines: design, technology, and management
  • business-bonded educational offer for a career path in the fashion industry

Innovative educational program provides students with the full-scale knowledge of the designing process, synergistic technological skills, and profound expertise in communications. Classes and practical training are conducted in an authentic environment of thoroughly equipped studios and workshop facilities. Our Business-smart approach enables creative understanding of fashion. VIAMODA is the only university in Poland that provides students with the opportunity to develop collections of original designs ready to be produced. VIAMODA is a perfect place to develop one’s dream and to implement the methods of original and effective actions, to obtain education based on European standards including the language skills necessary to cooperate internationally. The concept of VIAMODA tailor-made syllabuses and interaction with professionals from fashion industry allow graduates to take on career challenges that give satisfaction and ensure success.

VIAMODA offers a comprehensive approach to fashion design:

  • opportunity to work with the creative staff of professionals – experts and practitioners from Poland and European guest lecturers
  • up-to-date experience in the fashion industry, drawing inspirations from the exemplars and cooperation with the prestigious European and global fashion houses
  • creativity support through internships and trainings in companies highly valued in industry, students’ exchange programs and international cooperation
  • innovative and complex education based on European standards necessary to operate in fashion domain, create own business, start and manage own fashion brand.


VIAMODA educates interdisciplinary professionals that find their place in every sector of the widely defined fashion industry, professionals able to combine knowledge of new technologies, designing craftsmanship and expertise in the rules dominating in the industry. Students acquire qualifications allowing to be competitive in the labor market. They are able to find employment in apparel and textile companies, in fashion retail companies, in professional media, marketing and consulting agencies, and institutions associated with the fashion industry. Our graduates possess the fundamental competencies necessary to start own projects and develop own business ideas.


VIAMODA is located in Warsaw, in own building with the fashion climate in each classroom, sewing premises, drawing and painting workshops, refined culinary school facilities. The proximity of the design studios, art galleries, fashionable restaurants, and exhibition halls of Polish capital allows VIAMODA students to experience the ambiance that accompanies the process of designing, art-and media-oriented business.


  • Warsaw

    Warsaw, Poland