EAN - Escuela Argentina de Negocios


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EAN is a university institution that aims to constitute an educational community committed to the analysis and scientific discussion on the field of knowledge of business application, with special attention to the cultural and social relevance of the training processes and the impact of the services provided. they transfer to the community./>

It is their MISSION to train entrepreneurial professionals, competent to lead projects in changing and global contexts, through a management approach based on social responsibility and the production of knowledge that contributes to social and economic development.

They are your ACTION PRINCIPLES :/>

  • The humanistic formation.
  • The significance of the social context in the educational proposal.
  • The plural participation in the construction of a project of quality and inclusion.
  • The promotion of the common good.


  • Respect for people and for the environment.
  • The critical spirit and the ability to learn.
  • The ethical and civic conscience.
  • The Solidarity.

It is your VISION to be a reference institution in the training of professionals and entrepreneurs, in partnership with the productive sector and generating knowledge relevant to economic and social development./>


Buenos Aires

Av. Córdoba 1690
Capital Federal

C1055AAT Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires

Av. Santa Fe 2162

B1640IFV Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina