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Welcome to the international website of Thomas More! Thomas More is the largest university of applied sciences in Flanders, offering over 31 Dutch-taught and 5 English-taught bachelor degree programs in the province of Antwerp. Next to that, Thomas More offers exchange programmes in English, for students from partner universities.

Degree Students

As of September 2016, we are offering a precious selection of English-taught bachelor degree programmes making our high-quality education also accessible for foreign students with high ambitions.

Exchange Students

Thomas More is the largest University of Applied Sciences in Flanders and is mainly located in the province of Antwerp. We have seven campuses on which you can find more than 20 English taught exchange semesters for students from partner universities.

Short programmes and postgraduates

Get a taste of our educational offer in Media or Design without spending a full year of study.

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More information on our Open Campus Days and meeting us in your country.

Facilities and student support

A team of professionals gives advise, guides, helps and assists students. In addition to training courses, Thomas More offers a whole range of student facilities. Discover how we can help you.

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Bachelor in Information Management & Multimedia

Campus Full time 3 years September 2019 Belgium Mechelen

This training course will turn you into the data manager of the future. We offer you the technological tools that will enable you to work with big quantities of data and databases. [+]


Are you passionate about the newest digital tools that help make organisations more intelligent? Do you want to learn how to filter valuable information from a mass of data, how to make this information accessible by visualising it, and how to secure this data efficiently and with purpose? Enter the options Cyber Security Expert or Datamanager!

Personal mentoring

Each year’s classes are divided into four parts that each last six weeks. During those six weeks, we focus intensely on a select number of classes. At the end of each six week-period, there are exams. As such, we can spread out the study load more evenly throughout the academic year. What’s more, this means we can focus more on personal mentorship and feedback. Practical exercises, group projects, cooperation and sharing of knowledge are all central.... [-]

Bachelor in International Business and Trade (English)

Campus Full time 3 years September 2019 Belgium Mechelen

During the first year, the business game is your initial test to put the theoretical knowledge into practice. In the second year, you will get a taste of how business is conducted abroad. [+]

About Differences and similarities between international cultures tend to trigger you. You have entrepreneurship in your blood and you see worldwide business opportunities. During your studies, you are willing to grab your suitcase and go study abroad. With many tools, models and lots of practice, you will be able to develop commercial activities anywhere in the world. Unique in this study is that you can add Chinese to your curriculum. Is Asia not your main focus? Then why not choose German, Spanish, French or Dutch? Phase 1

During the first year, our focus will be on building your business fundamentals through courses such as international trade, intercultural communication, global economics, marketing and emerging markets. On top of these mandatory courses, you choose a foreign language: German, French, Spanish, Chinese or Dutch. We don't offer the language of your dreams? No problem, you can study a language of your choice with another certified language institution and we’ll add it to your diploma.... [-]

Bachelor in International Communication and Media

Campus Full time 3 years September 2019 Belgium Mechelen

You dream of an international career in communication and media. [+]

About You dream of an international career in communication and media. Finding the right insights, crafting stories and presenting like a pro? Yes, please. You 're a team player who likes to create win-win situations for all stakeholders. Deadlines sharpen your focus and other people quickly trust you. You know what #igers are. Social media is your playground. We train you to become a futureproof communication hero. With ‘Expert Classes’, agile teams and more. Do you want to become an international communication manager? And do you have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in marketing, communication or journalism? Take our new one-year course in International Communication & Media and graduate as a full-blown international communication expert. What to expect ... [-]

Bachelor in International Tourism and Leisure

Campus Full time 3 years September 2019 Belgium Mechelen

Are you a globetrotter? You love to be ‘on the road’ and discover new things. [+]

About You are a globetrotter and you love to be ‘on the road’ and discover new things. Your mission? You want to guarantee that others experience the time of their lives on holiday. Phase 1 Semester 1 English for Tourism World Cultures Business Fundamentals Business Intelligence Fundamentals Entrepreneurial Management Digital Toolkit Survival Dutch OR Taalcompetent4HO Travel Accommodations Language Elective: choose one or more (French/German/Spanish/Chinese)

Take a look in the programme guide for more details.

Semester 2 Tourism Fundamentals Culture & Art Topics International Tourism International Trade Emerging Markets Marketing Principles Asian Business Topics Business Analytics Personal Branding Intercultural Communication Electives: choose from Spanish/German/French/Chinese/Asian Business Topics or International Trade Phase 2 Semester 1 Incoming Tourism Travel Technology Aviation International Project Emerging Markets 2 Financial Management Customer Relationship Management Entrepreneurial Management Language Elective (French/German/Spanish/Chinese) Semester 2 International Study Exchange Phase 3 Semester 1 Practicum: choose from Aviation & Business, Tour operating & Leisure, Entrepreneurship in Tourism Digital Sales in Tourism African Topics Ethical Managerial Problem-solving Bachelor Project Law in Tourism Research and Reporting Cost Price Calculation & Budgeting Language Elective (French/German/Spanish/Chinese) ... [-]

International Journalism Short Programme (English)

Campus Full time 1 year September 2019 Belgium Mechelen

The abridged Bachelor in International Journalism programme is a one year programme for students who already have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the field of media and communication. [+]

About The abridged Bachelor in International Journalism programme is a one year programme for students who already have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the field of media and communication. The programme aims at students who want to spend an extra year studying journalism in an international context, with a clear focus on learning by doing. It introduces students to an international journalism network. All the courses within the programme are taught in English and students are working in an English-speaking newsroom environment. We have students from all over the world! Sweden, Peru, Indonesia, Germany, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Come and join us! First Semester

The first semester of this one year programme starts in mid-September. The central course in the curriculum is the Crossmedia project. Within this project, you ‘ll work with students of different nationalities on articles and reports, which will be published in the English language section of our platform. It allows you to work for a targeted and real audience. You learn how to find suitable topics and angles for your stories, how to do research and interviews and how to structure information and visuals into a balanced journalistic piece. You’ll also take part in projects for international journalism organisations. This will give you plenty of opportunities to develop your international network.... [-]

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