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The University Center of Rio Grande do Norte (UNI-RN) is to sponsor the League of Rio Grande do Norte Education. Nonprofit, dedicated exclusively for educational purposes, the Education League was created on July 23, 1911, with the founding poet Henry Castriciano de Souza, educator and writer of great merit. The first Statute of the League has defined its main objective: "... assist pubic powers at all when it relates to education and education. "

In order to offer female education, the League set up the Domestic School Christmas, on 1 September 1914. Formed on the model of Ecoles ménagère of Switzerland, Christmas Domestic School represents a milestone in the spread of the new role of women in the home and in society, and, over time, adapted to changes in society and turned into modern establishment of kindergarten, elementary and secondary education. In order to provide these levels of education, too, the male, the Teaching League created the Educational Complex Henry Castriciano, mixed school, installed on March 15, 1987.

The League of Rio Grande do Norte Teaching turned, then, for the provision of higher education. Thus, on April 28, 1997, by ministerial order, signed by President Ozório Bezerra Dantas, was created to Natal's School for the Development of Rio Grande do Norte (FARN). Representing the Education League, the Noilde Ramalho teacher invited Professor Daladier Person Cunha Lima to structure the pedagogical project of the newly established college. Thus, with the director Professor Daladier, the FARN was officially installed on February 25, 1999. Initially offered four undergraduate courses.

Currently, UNI-RN offers 15 undergraduate courses, ten bachelors: Administration, Architecture and Urban Planning, Accounting, Law, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Nutrition, Psychology, Information Systems and Physical Education; degrees in Computer Science and Physical Education; as well as technologists in Business Management and Computer Networks.

Also they are in operation, with great success and expansion character, 40 sensu post-graduation courses in the areas of Business Management, Accounting, Law, Engineering, Information Technology, Environment, Health and Human Services.

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Centro Universitário do Rio Grande do Norte (UNI-RN)

The degree in business administration, through its general education, will be able to act in the following fields: Finance, Logistics, Marketing, Human Resource Managemen ... [+]

Profile Egress The degree in business administration, through its general education, will be able to act in the following fields: Finance, Logistics, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Strategy, Production and materials, not forgetting that their expertise in those fields will be given to the continuity of studies through strict graduate or broad sense.

Skills and Abilities Recognize and define problems, make changes in the production process, to act preventively; Developing expression and communication compatible with professional practice, including the negotiation and interpersonal or intergroup communications; Think and act critically on the sphere of production, including its position and function in the productive structure under its control and management; Develop logical, critical and analytical thinking; Have initiative, creativity, determination, political and administrative will, willingness to learn, openness to change and quality awareness and ethical implications of their professional activity; Develop ability to transfer knowledge of life and everyday experience to the desktop; Be able to assume leadership positions, work in multidisciplinary team; Understand the overall organizational context, integrated, systemic and strategic way, in its relations with the external environment; Being able to relate satisfactorily with the social, political, economic and cultural which is inserted, considering always present social values, justice and professional ethics; Being able to continuously learn, both in their training, and in its practice. ... [-]
Brazil Natal
March 2020
Portuguese (Brazil)
7 semesters
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