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Sept-Îles, Nordic and maritime crossroads, is the gateway to a vast territory that is in many ways the new Quebec border. Through its training and research activities, the Cégep de Sept-Îles plays a key role in the development of the territory and, through the areas of expertise of its own, it stands out and is recognized across the Quebec.

Between identity and creativity

To find themselves in today's world, being a place of identity and creativity is what offers the Cégep de Sept-Îles ...

ORIGINAL experiences ...

This project is at the heart of its training and research including some unpublished experiments he puts forward for its students:

  • Participate in the production of knowledge by joining in the work of research units: Institute of Technology industrial maintenance, industrial research in operating and railway maintenance Chair, Research Group on the North Shore writing, Nordic Research Institute environmental and occupational health, health Pole ...
  • Experiment with new teaching methods "active learning" classes reversed, technopedagogical, simulation tools, intensive teaching ...
  • Apply the concept Factory 4.0, the intelligent factory of the future, the training and research activities in industrial maintenance, electronics and industrial computing.
  • Benefit from student life focusing on literary and scientific culture: thematic sleepless nights, partnership with the community, entrepreneurship development, Fablab ...

In projects related to these experiments, the Cégep de Sept-Îles works in partnership with leading companies and universities: IBM, Pratt & Whitney, Aluminerie Alouette, ArcelorMittal, of the Université du Québec (ÉTS, UQAM, UQAR, UQAC), Laval University Wisconsin-Madison University, National University of Rosario, Suzhou Chien-Shiung Institute of Technology ...

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This school also offers:


Bachelor's degree in Mineral Technology

Campus Full time September 2019 Canada Sept-Iles

The mineral technology program - Mineral option prepares students to practice the technician function in the areas of management of mineral resources (research, exploitation, processing), preservation and restoration. [+]


Mining train specialized technicians in the fields of geology, mining and mineral processing (laboratory).

I will learn to:

Conduct geological surveys, geochemical and geophysical. Supervise drilling. Participate in the characterization of mineral deposits. Design, plan and monitor mining operations in underground mines, open pit and quarries. Check the stability of the ground and airing. Oversee the operations staff. Perform concentration tests, pelletizing, flotation, hydrometallurgical and pyrometallurgical extraction. Characterize the samples. Control the release of tailings.


High school diploma (DES) Technical and mathematical sciences or natural sciences or mathematics Secondary 4 Cultural, Social and Technical Secondary 5 Environmental Science and Technology or Science and Environment Secondary 4 ... [-]

Bachelor in computer technology

Campus Full time September 2019 Canada Sept-Iles

Training in Computer Science at Cégep de Sept-Îles prepares to technical maintenance jobs, network management and systems design. [+]


I trained as a programmer or analyst programmer to work in development teams or maintenance of software products (design, programming, testing, system documentation, networking support). Acquire a general basic training allowing me to fill jobs in various sectors or to go to university to specialize. Master advanced technology to adapt to different working environments and facilitate my adaptation to future technological changes.

I will learn to:

Create and use databases. Correct programs Analyze the characteristics of business information systems for the formulation of IT solutions. Harnessing the potential of a networked computing environment. Implement and make functional improvements to an application. Use multimedia processing tools. Provide technical support and training to users. ... [-]

Bachelor in Industrial Electronics Technology

Campus Full time September 2019 Canada Sept-Iles

The training received by the student in Industrial Electronics Technology makes it a versatile technologist capable of working effectively in the areas of primary metals, forestry and paper. They are found in the services sector, such as energy distribution and consulting engineering. [+]


Promote the acquisition of knowledge and the development of scientific skills, techniques and technology allow me to analyze circuits and operating modes and programming equipment. Develop my skills related to the recognition and enforcement of health and safety standards at work. Develop my sense of responsibility and autonomy. Develop my ability to learn and adapt to technological change.

I will learn to:

Check operation of the main instruments and automation control and make the adjustment and programming. Interpret and modify the patterns to industry standards. Edit and participate in the design of systems for automation. Install, troubleshoot, repair and maintain safe systems and industrial equipment for the generation, transmission, distribution and control of electrical energy and its conversion into driving force. ... [-]

Bachelor in Industrial Maintenance Technology

Campus Full time September 2019 Canada Sept-Iles

Industrial Maintenance Technology is designed by the program to train technicians and engineers able to exercise their job function in all industrial sectors companies: paper, metal mining, primary processing and metal fabrication, food, wood , petrochemicals, transport equipment as well as companies offering outsourcing of maintenance services. [+]


Design, manufacture and optimize the equipment. Check the conformity of equipment with standards and plans. Identify and analyze operational problems. Design and implement preventive maintenance programs.

I will learn to:

Check the compliance of facilities and equipment standards and plans. Identify and analyze the equipment malfunctions. Participate in the design, manufacture and optimization of the equipment. Design and implement preventive maintenance programs forecast. Coordination and control of maintenance activities. Provide technical assistance in business and solve various problems of maintenance and equipment performance. Working with hydraulics, pneumatics, lubrication, automation, machining, welding, drawing, electricity, electronics and computers. ... [-]