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A unique case in Ontario's Francophonie

The Université de Hearst is the only university institution in the province to offer programs strictly in French. With us everything is possible in a world where distance does not matter.

All courses at UdeH are presented in blocks of three weeks.

You will be able to focus on one course at a time, thus facilitating the integration and consolidation of your learning.

Why opt for a block course?

Well, the block course:

  • Promotes the concentration of ideas rather than the scattering of them.
  • Optimize time management, resources and group work.
  • Eliminate stressful session ends. Finished the study of five exams at the same time.
  • Focus on outings on the field : outings that could take place a day, a week or during the full block. Wow!

How it works?

Unlike the traditional semester in which a person undertakes five courses simultaneously from September to December, the Block Course Formula offers one course at a time in twelve meetings over a period of three consecutive weeks.

The school year is still divided into sessions consisting of five block courses and a spring break. And yes, a week of free time to recharge your batteries. In other words, the duration of the semester of block courses as well as the number of hours of training of each course remains the same as before or elsewhere. The formula is just great!

Learning by experience

The variety of pedagogical approaches and experiential learning activities are integral to building your knowledge. Field trips, company tours, cultural experiences and conferences are just a few opportunities to immerse yourself in regional, national and international realities.

  • Interdisciplinarity at Lake Superior Park
  • Excursion on the Moose River
  • Visit to the Petawawa Military Base
  • Visit of companies from the region
  • Fall of New Post
  • Indian tradition bath

Center for Integration of Prior Learning

The University's integration centers also allow you to exercise your know-how and your skills in practical training courses in the fields of translation, research and archival science. economic and community development.

Internship in the workplace

Benefit from practical training and experience without extending the duration of your studies thanks to work placements integrated into certain UdeH programs. With the support of the Internship Coordinator, plan your placement in a block or two at a company or community organization. Note that a work permit is required for the internship of the international clientele.

Opening on the world

Study trip

Every year, UdeH goes on an adventure in a foreign country as a study trip. Since 2005, students from the Université de Hearst have visited countries in Europe, the Maghreb, South America and Central America. Our next destination is Thailand.

Credited trip

On the study trip, there are other opportunities for student mobility. The bulk course formula favors the supply of credited journeys: trips during which a language, a social phenomenon or a human issue is studied, observed or analyzed. A Spanish course could very well take place in Mexico, thus providing an ideal cultural context for learning the language.



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