Founded by Cartier in 1990, The Institut Supérieur de Marketing du Luxe provides the only training in the world desired and supported by professionals from the sector.

Since its creation, it has experienced unfailing success.

Number one ranking for educating students interested in working in the luxury sector, its specialized MBA is the reference in the sector in France and internationally.

Sup de Luxe has been a Cartier Chair for the past 30 years and welcomes a hundred students each year from around the world.


Today, Luxury is present in every profession. The immense potential of this sector in the global economy is a reflection of the competition underway (currently and in the future) between brands and groups.

In order to succeed in this sector, young managers need to acquire complete knowledge of its codes and techniques, master pertinent marketing skills and their specific application for international distribution of luxury products.

They also need to establish a well-rounded network of contacts – vital for opening doors of the major luxury houses.

Lastly, they need to realize that Luxury is a universe in a state of constant creative tension. They need to learn to nourish that creativity while respecting tradition.

The Institut Supérieur de Marketing du Luxe offers students and working professionals an opportunity to earn an MBA specialized in Luxury Brand Marketing and International Management. This training is vital for gaining an understanding of luxury companies and to open their doors.

Sup de Luxe provides keys to the luxury universe through a series of unique opportunities:

  • An exclusive program constantly in touch with the sector’s needs.
  • A unique method of teaching provided by brand-name professionals and houses.
  • Weekly contact with decision-makers in the luxury world.
  • Sponsoring of each student by a professional from the sector.
  • Visits to companies, professional trade fairs, creative workshops, production centers, logistical hubs, etc.
  • Seminars in France and abroad.
  • Interviews with recruitment agencies and human resource directors.
  • Opportunities for meeting the press and other media.
  • Regular access to a network of 1500 graduates occupying high-level jobs in luxury companies.


Sup de Luxe has identified the following main objectives:

  • Build a breeding ground of young managers for the range of professions in the sector, in close cooperation with the brands,
  • Defend the values of luxury while animating and enriching an observatory and a center for research and studies of luxury references on a global scale,
  • Promote a broad general culture of the sector through frequent book publishing.
Programs taught in:
  • French

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Institut Supérieur de Marketing du Luxe - SUP de LUXE

This program meets the needs of brands in commercial profiles, adapted to the challenges of the 3rd millennium. The latter must be cultivated, polyglot, technophile, mult ... [+]

This program meets the needs of brands in commercial profiles, adapted to the challenges of the 3rd millennium. The latter must be cultivated, polyglot, technophile, multicultural and charismatic. They must also have a trades versatility.

Associating a rigorous academic education of the fundamentals of the company to the technical disciplines of the trade of the products with high added value, the 3 years of this Bachelor also give a priority to a transmission of the know-being and know-how, artistic culture, art of live, behavioral techniques, multicultural openness ...

Regular meetings with industry professionals bring to this program what has been the success of Sup de Luxe for 30 years: the recognition of brands and houses and the interest they have in providing future employees.... [-]

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