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Established in 1984, the Faculty of Law of the University of Trento is one of the leading universities in Italy. Consistently ranking among the top five Italian law schools for both research and teaching, the Faculty of Law of Trento finds its added value in its comparative approach to legal studies.

At the University of Trento, law is taught as a complex reality, including domestic, international, supranational law and their reciprocal interactions. In this perspective, comparative law is deployed as the preferred methodology for exploring domestic legal systems and specific legal phenomena. Thus, choosing to study law in Trento offers students a challenging learning experience, bringing students into the realm of law in both its comparative and transnational aspects.

Against this backdrop, and considering the globalisation of markets and the increase of international relations, the Faculty of Law will launch in 2017/2018 the new three-year bachelor programme in legal studies entitled “Bachelor’s Degree in Comparative, European and International Legal Studies” (or CEILS), taught entirely in English. The CEILS programme aims to combine both the international dimension central in the ethos of the Faculty of Trento and the increasing demand for European and transnational professionals in legal studies.


By gathering domestic and foreign students and using state-of-the-art teaching methods derived from the experience of our domestic and international faculty, the students of the CEILS will be exposed to a variety of methodologies, disciplinary traditions and jurisdictions, while the courses of the programme will cover a broad range of fields and enhance the comparative, international and transnational dimensions of the law.

CEILS students will have the opportunity to apply for internship programmes in national and international institutions. The diversity of the students’ community will enhance their learning commitment and intensify their contact with other cultures during their training period. Finally, upon successful completion of the programme, CEILS graduates will be able to either complete their education with an Italian or international Master’s Degree, or to immediately begin a career in the international market of legal professions.



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