We are an international University Centre focused on training leaders, directors and technicians specializing in the Hospitality and Tourism sectors with a passion for good service and a multicultural vision.Our mission is to contribute to the sustainable social, economic and cultural development of the industry by training executives, professionals and technicians in the sector. We are committed to innovation and promote the development of bonds between Ostelea and companies in the sector in order to bring new solutions to the market.

Our participants are the focus of our activity and we enable them to acquire applicable and practical knowledge. Our campuses are located in Rabat, the administrative capital of Morocco, and in Casablanca, the country’s largest city.

Ostelea gives you the opportunity to study in the country that boasts the most competitive tourism sector in the world. A country filled with cultural resources and infrastructures, and which is highly adapted to digital consumption habits.

Rankings: Master in International Tourism Management. Taught by Ostelea and EAE, among the 100 best masters in the world. Eduniversal Ranking 2015


How students learn at Ostelea

Our objective is to enable students to acquire the experience and basic competencies they need to perform their profession and, as such, enable them to provide solutions to society’s needs in relation to the hospitality and tourism industry.

At Ostelea, education is a continuous and dynamic process that spans from the classroom into society, equipping students with competencies that enable them to interact better with their environment and achieve the objectives they have set.

  1. Evaluation of the competencies acquired. Assessing competencies enables students’ progress to be monitored at all times, letting them ascertain their current status and level of improvement with reference to the educational performance indicators established.
  2. Case study method. Analysing cases enables students to deal with real cases and gain critical thinking skills as well as the experiences that enable them to predict various scenarios and anticipate environmental changes.
  3. Problem-based learning. The presentation of a specific problem enables students to develop their analytical and diagnostic capacity, critical judgment and innovation in order to find solutions. As students develop a more in-depth understanding of a problem in all its complexity, they gain insight into situations that they will face in their professional lives.
  4. Project development. The projects developed throughout the course enhance their interdisciplinary skills and teamwork.
  5. People and values. As knowledge comes from people and moves between them, values such as responsibility, commitment, trust, and integrity underpin our educational model.


The range of resources that Osteria provides to students enables them to convert the data into information and knowledge for more effective decision-making. Key resources include the following:

  • Themed presentations by lecturers and experts.
  • Case studies of business success stories.
  • Macroeconomic analyses.


Throughout the study programme, a series of conferences with executives, business experts and leaders are organized. The conferences enable participants to gain deeper insight into current matters of interest. Company visits and talks with professionals from different sectors off campus are also organized.

The objective is to allow the participants to get first-hand insight into real-life situations and success stories in a business setting, to get know the professional environment better and to embrace the networking power of the programme between participants, teachers, and sector professionals.


Ostelea’s Virtual Campus is the technological platform on which a part of the students’ daily work takes place. It is designed to give students access to academic resources and all the current course information, class notes, evaluations, academic materials and the digital library, as well as enabling them to receive invitations to activities, events, and conferences organized by the institution.

The Ostelea Online Campus is designed using BlackBoard technology that enables students to access all of its features from anywhere using their smartphones, tablets and other devices. BlackBoard is currently the platform used by internationally prestigious universities, such as Princeton, Stanford, and Duke.

International University Network

Ostelea has partnership agreements in place with almost one hundred universities and business schools around the world, including 29 that run Tourism & Hospitality programmes. The objective of the network of international partners is to promote development, research, knowledge integration and mobility of students and lecturers.

Programs taught in:
  • English
  • French

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Ostelea Morocco

The development of the International Tourism License Program by Ostelea Rabat, is in line with and is in line with the policy of the Ministry of Tourism, Air Transport, C ... [+]

Bachelor in International Tourism

First day of university

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September 2019




The development of the International Tourism License Program by Ostelea Rabat, is in line with and is in line with the policy of the Ministry of Tourism, Air Transport, Crafts and Social Economy of the Kingdom of Morocco .

Indeed, the Moroccan authorities have implemented a plan and a restructuring of the tourism sector with the aim of doubling the size of this sector in the framework of the tourism strategy "Vision 2020".

In order to carry out this mission, it will be necessary for the country to count on senior executives with a sound knowledge of the foundations governing the current tourism and hotel industry and allowing them to anticipate and contribute to future developments; to have a clear, global, open and responsive vision of the tourism and hospitality sector, as well as a capacity to adapt and react to market developments and the national and global socio-economic contexts that are constantly changing and with all the new challenges and needs that come with it.... [-]

Morocco Rabat
September 2019
3 years
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Rabat, Rabat-Salé-Kénitra, Morocco