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Since 1895 the prestigious Culinary Institute LE CORDON BLEU is recognized around the world for innovation in the training of professionals of excellence for world tourism.

Since then, LE CORDON BLEU has successfully evolved in the tourism industry and hospitality, so that today, after 115 years, our brand has established itself worldwide as a symbol of Innovation and Excellence.

No stranger to what our brand stands for, since our inception to date we have been dedicated to improving and developing our infrastructure and quality of the services we provide for the sole purpose of demonstrating, in Peru and the world, that our graduates , staff and students are the real testimony of excellence and innovation in their professional performance; LE CORDON BLEU because PERU know that up to us to make our corporate mission vision and reality:


To be the leading organization in Latin America in the formation of human talent for sustainable development of the tourism industry.


Being highly competitive for the global travel industry people, with emphasis on hospitality, food, drinks and food science, by applying methods and cutting-edge technologies oriented excellence and sustainable development.

Institutional Values

EXCELLENCE: Exceeding the expectations of our customers in quality, courtesy and service.

INNOVATION: apply our creativity to increase the value of the goods and services provided to our customers.

EFFICIENCY: Fulfilling our tasks and commitments at the right quality and the best time.

DISCLAIMER: Ability to meet our commitments and accept the consequences.

DISCIPLINE: Meet our activities within established with the procedures and rules.

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