SWISSAM is the only world-class educational institution in Russia and the CIS specializing in Hospitality & Culinary Arts. It is situated in the very center of St. Petersburg. SWISSAM Hospitality Business & Culinary Arts School is fully accredited by prestigious international educational institutions - International Management Institute (Lucerne, Switzerland) and American Culinary Federation, Inc.(New York, USA) to conduct their courses. SWISSAM is also certified by the Confederation of Tourism & Hospitality (CTH).

Advantages of SWISSAM

  • International Swiss Diploma in Hospitality & Restaurant Management in Russia
  • Unique Chef program in Russia and CIS
  • Paid internships in luxury hotels and famous restaurants
  • Multicultural school environment with foreign teachers (from USA, Italy, Lebanon, Philippines, Greece, Belgium, Switzerland, etc.)
  • All tuition is in English (except Restaurant Management Program which is available in both English and Russian)
  • Learning a second foreign language (depends on the program)
  • Established relations with employers from the first day of classes
  • International career possibilities

SWISSAM School Life

We strive to ensure that SWISSAM courses and training are interesting and beneficial for our students, both personally and professionally. We try to involve our students in the most interesting events and activities occurring in the life of the city.

School Facilities

  • Availability of spacious classrooms, cabinets with interactive whiteboards
  • Admissions Office, where students can ask any questions
  • Students are provided by computer rooms
  • Library (availability of the most recent editions on the culinary theme, the famous autobiography of personalities in the field of hotel business, who have changed culture of hospitality)
  • Spacious dining room: reasonable prices
  • Coffee club on the 1nd floor of the school
  • Spacious kitchen with up-to-date equipment
  • Excellent teaching staff: teachers and students are trying to create a very friendly atmosphere
  • Huge advantage: learning process takes place in small groups, allowing students to learn and understand more the studied material
  • A modern approach for teaching foreign languages
  • Each month famous restaurateurs and hoteliers held guest lectures
  • Upcoming master classes of chefs, where participants prepare hits of different cuisines in the author's interpretation. Each participant is provided with all the necessary products, working place with the professional kitchen appliances. Students create their own set menu that allows them to feel like a real chef.
  • Thematic funny parties after completion of the course (Halloween, New Year Party, Thanksgiving Day, Various Cuisine Dinners at the SWISSAM School)
  • Paying only 2800 rubles per month for students are available pool and sports center, massage procedures in SOKOS Hotel, St. Petersburg
Programs taught in:
  • English
  • Russian

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SWISSAM Hospitality Business & Culinary Arts School

IMI International Hospitality Management is a unique international baccalaureate program in Russia and the CIS, corresponding to international standards of education in t ... [+]

For whom?

For graduates of schools / colleges who wish to receive applied knowledge and associate their careers with the hospitality industry, and also have the opportunity for rapid professional growth, both in Russia and abroad.

About the program

IMI International Hospitality Management It is a unique in Russia and CIS international baccalaureate program, corresponding to international standards of education in the hospitality industry. The program combines theoretical knowledge, recent market trends and practical skills.

After graduation, the graduates receive a bachelor's degree in International Management Institute (IMI), recognized throughout the world, and have considerable experience in the best international hotels and restaurants in Russia and abroad.... [-]

Russia Saint Petersburg
Open Enrollment
4 years
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Saint Petersburg, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia
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