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ITES is a totally private center that imparts and issues official degrees in the audiovisual field. This feature allows us to differentiate ourselves from other public and concerted centers, allowing us to adapt more quickly to the changes that our work environment undergoes with the new technologies.

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In ITES we believe that the knowledge learned in the classrooms is not enough, but also requires values ​​and an attitude of constant improvement and work in an increasingly competitive world and that demands constant recycling, so we emphasize in The technical and instrumental preparation but also in the transmission of the values ​​that we believe should accompany a good professional.

Our objectives

  • Provide technical training based on practicality and adapted to the needs of the labor market
  • Provide human training based on attitudes, behaviors and habits that are key to personal and professional development
  • To give a teaching based on an active, practical and participative methodology, that enhances the initiative, the creativity and the team work
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  • OFFICIAL DEGREE : All Cycles that take place in the school are official titles managed by Ensenyament
  • QUALIFIED TEACHERS : The configuration of the training units allows the center to impart each of them with the most appropriate teaching staff
  • THE BEST STUDENT- MENTAL RATIO : Practical sessions are done in small groups. A ratio of 1 student per MAC
  • ACCESS TO THE VIRTUAL CAMPUS : Platform of communication of the pupil or the parents with the teachers or the tutor. Schedule, class and notes consultation
  • PRACTICES IN COMPANIES : A broad list of collaborating companies where students put into practice what they have learned and have contact with the world of work
  • POSTGRADUATE AND MOBILITY : Upon completion of the studies we offer professional exit by postgraduate to i3 or continue in university studies abroad.
  • ACCESS TO AUDIOVISUAL PRODUCTIONS : During the year different audiovisual productions are carried out in which the students are involved so that they have an enriching experience
  • FREE ACCESS TO ALL STUDENTS : Students can access the classrooms outside their hours in order to progress in the works or projects they have in progress
  • 2800M2 OF SPACES : Theoretical Classes , Sound Studio, Photo Studio, Classroom / Workshop Sound Anlògic, Postpo Room of Sound / radio parlor, Tv Plates, Workshop Classrooms, Classroom and Linear editing room / Ingestion
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The figure of production is essential; If you are organized, if you like to work in the audiovisual sector or start your own projects, here you will find the necessary te ... [+]

What is the production cycle?

The figure of production is essential; If you are organized, if you like to work in the audiovisual sector or start your own projects, here you will find the necessary techniques to learn how to manage and plan all kinds of productions.

In this cycle you will learn to use the tools to make any type of project a reality, ensuring that the objectives are met in time and the conditions of cost and quality established.

You will be able to plan, organize and manage all technical and human resources for any production of film, radio, television, shows and events.

Contents of the cycle Audiovisual project planning Management of film, video and multimedia projects Management of television and radio projects Planning of shows and events Project management of shows and events Audiovisual and scenic languages Audiovisual and scenic technical media Administration and promotion of audiovisuals and shows Training and Guidance Business and Entrepreneurship English Audiovisual and entertainment production project Formation in work centers Career prospects Film Production Assistant Video Production Assistant TV Production Assistant Animation Production Assistant Media Production Assistant Radio Production Assistant Head of production of live shows and events Assistant of production of live shows and events Company Manager Course details September-June 2 academic years 2000 hours (383 trainees) Monday to Friday Access road Baccalaureate degree Group A Medium-Level Training Cycle: Technological Proof of access to GS with the corresponding ones or validated Course of access to Higher Degree (CAS)Title of senior technician... [-]
Spain Barcelona
September 2019
2 years
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